best exist

[vimeo=] Took some time over the holiday and watched a bit of short film cinema- this bad boy is a 2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards Official Selection- described as three lives are connected in a world whose inhabitants predominantly prefer the secure realities of an implicit inside world to that of the physical world. It's so deep- worth a watch if you're feeling existential.



Have you ever wondered, if your cellphone can live for three days on a charge, why they can’t strap one of those batteries’ bigger brothers to your car or motorcycle? Combining the style of Milan with the engineering prowess of Portland, Ore., the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus ($8,995) does just that. The Enertia is the coolest way to ride to the office without contributing to the asphyxiation of the atmosphere. This zero emission electric hog is powered by a lithium-ion battery delivering an 80-mile range between charges, plugs into household sockets and goes up to 65 mph. The preordering has begun.



Pretty su-weet stuff here. A short film created for the 3rd Edition: Zot Movie Festival, dedicated to extreme sports, presented on the 16th of October 2010. The film was shot from January to July 2010 in Reunion island at different surf locations: St Pierre/ La Tortue/ 03 Roches/ Les Brisants. [vimeo=]

kanYe vid- crazyness

This is madness, kanYe‘s “movie” for his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It features himself- what looks to be a the English countryside where he's been kicking it and a from the heavens beautiful birdlady in a “movie-esq” preview of his album with a good portion of each song is played throughout.It's 34 minutes and 32 second’s you’ll know if you want to buy the album or not. [youtube=!]