le bronjames

LeBron James' newest Nike commercial debuted yesterday, and it's already creating major waves in the sports world. In it, James challenges his doubters, saying "Who should I be?". after his decision to head to Miami. The ad is sparking debate; in it LeBron may even rip on Jordan, and Barkley. [youtube=www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2AmRZgokVA&feature=youtube_gdata_playerr]


Dedicated to one of Baje, Snafu and Lizzy's teachers; on the subject of the song's inspiration, his former English teacher Linda Gold. Baje offers the following...“She was one of those rare people… one of the last true magicians. She pushed me to write, to take it seriously, but never too seriously. If I ever write anything good, she should get the credit.”


cruisin napoleonic

Got to test drive a fully electric drive Smart car today- pretty sweet- super quiet and amazingly high riding on the road. These little ion running wattage wheelers are pushing a curve that should probably have been around years ago. I suprisingly did not get the sense that I'd be crushed at any moment by a lumbering 16 wheeler- definitely gives a napoleonic sense of shoulder rubbing on the roads.

opera with red beard

Not a Lady GaGa fan; the music is too average-pop to be incredible. The things she seems to inspire people to do on the other hand... Check out these seemingly random assortment of dudes singing around two typical chunky college dudes in acapella with choreography. A big blonde wig is wierdly awesome? Nope, but this is, [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjxJfm5mkCo]

that's deep

'Look past the single track'- should be a warning for those whipper-snappin little emerging music fans who have the priveldge of growing up in the age of iTunes. Though Pandora and the like may be the savior of the deeper track- take a listgen to some of those songs whose popularity ratings are a little lower than the first two or three tracks. This song is just under the surface of the single from Miike Snow that's all over- the cover of the reggae song 'Animal.' It's a rocking song- and should be given it's due as well. Also for who ever's been listening to French group Phoenix out there check out their older album tracks - you will be pleasantly suprised. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oKQSAt4c4c]