Have you ever wondered, if your cellphone can live for three days on a charge, why they can’t strap one of those batteries’ bigger brothers to your car or motorcycle? Combining the style of Milan with the engineering prowess of Portland, Ore., the 2011 Brammo Enertia Plus ($8,995) does just that. The Enertia is the coolest way to ride to the office without contributing to the asphyxiation of the atmosphere. This zero emission electric hog is powered by a lithium-ion battery delivering an 80-mile range between charges, plugs into household sockets and goes up to 65 mph. The preordering has begun.



Two presentations of Cee-Loo Greens new song 'Fu*k You' for his up coming soul/R&B solo album. Regardless of your thoughts on the title or lyrics, it's a great song and if you can't appreciate the usage or the ironic and relatable message- you my friend have a boring ole life and need to get out more. Try not to be humming this one day and night. [youtube=]




Ben Hooper, and the team at Bumpy Pitch in Studio City, CA, bring together two of my favorite things, design and soccer. The fact that it’s ‘wearable art’ makes the BP, or what I’ll be calling BumPit (to avoid unnecessary gulf-coast relation), a website I will be adding to favorites- ordering a great deal of apparel from and giving the gf the link in hopes of future gift giving action. Most of their shirts focus on retro-soccer teams that have helped encourage the growth of the greatest games culture here in the states- the early chapters of a still unfolding story and another great combo- homage and style. You will catch me rocking their Miami Gatos T on the regular.

The World loves it's Cup, and I do too

So I've designed an unofficial poster for the coming world cup 2010 South Africa- hopefully part of a series I'm looking to do before kick off of game 1. I'd like to rework a few characters for a some of the more exciting first round games. I'm checking out the FIFA guidelines for licensing and i may have to change a few things like deleting the words -fifa and -world cup  and any image of the cup- which honestly takes a bit of wind from my sails. Maybe I can get a Swiss dude on the phone and we can work it out- I hear they're fairly diplomatic... For now here's the one for the England vs. USA. Don't sue me!