Respond to Google

Tuesday Google introduced a new set of algorithm that is having major affects no how mobile search results appear. Sites that are not considered mobile friendly or 'responsive' will lose priority to websites that the Google (which is responsible for 80% of all web searches) deems 'mobile-friendly.' Ones that avoid animated elements like Flash and feature readable text, easy-to-click links and a responsive design (meaning it responds to what you're looking at it on. Sites that aren’t up to snuff will automatically appear higher in search results. If you're on the failing side of these requirements - you know who to call (queue superhero music).

Google Maps: Popculture and Geography

We all studied it in grade school and never want to admit how little we actually remember. I mean, we all know generally where everything is and maybe a few pieces of trivia about a handful of places and let's be honest if we really needed to know we could always google it. Google Maps recognizes our need for a fun way to brush up on our geography and trivia skills with a straight forward game called Smarty Pins. Google asks you a random trivia question about a specific city or country, and you drop a pin on the right spot.

There are six different categories of trivia, you can choose which category you want to focus on or get a sampling of each. At the beginning of the game you start with 1,000 miles, aka points, and if you are quick at maneuvering the map and dropping your pin you can get some extra miles. If you guess wrong, Google will calculate how many miles off your answer is from the correct one. While there have been many games out there to help us learn geography, Google has created a fun time waster thats educational. So go on and test your skills, see how you do!