Respond to Google

Tuesday Google introduced a new set of algorithm that is having major affects no how mobile search results appear. Sites that are not considered mobile friendly or 'responsive' will lose priority to websites that the Google (which is responsible for 80% of all web searches) deems 'mobile-friendly.' Ones that avoid animated elements like Flash and feature readable text, easy-to-click links and a responsive design (meaning it responds to what you're looking at it on. Sites that aren’t up to snuff will automatically appear higher in search results. If you're on the failing side of these requirements - you know who to call (queue superhero music).

PROJECT | Shop the Floor x Bombfell

Turkois is very proud to have helped to bring the amazing people of Advanstar's Shop the Floor + Bombfell together last week at PROJECT NYC at the Jacob Javits Center to produce some amazing selected styled looks and shots at our on-site photo studio. See more looks HERE and keep an eye out for the collabo video series to come out in the next few weeks.

Parallax Sequence

This amazing video was made using only still images from the World Wildlife Federation creating a 'parallax' effect. This is achieved by animating 2D photos and making them appear 3D or look like video clips. It's definitely worth a look.

Animation/compositing: Make Productions
Producer: Daniel Glynn-Ad Hoc Films
photographic credits:
Client: Ad Hoc Films for WWF
Music: Snow Patrol "What If This Storm Ends?" (Aaron Static Remix)


From July 20th though the 22nd at the Javits Center, PROJECT New York showcases the best brands in the contemporary and denim market to create an expertly merchandised experience for buyers and press. The event serves as an important start to the American men's market by combining engaging show-floor initiatives with a defined editorial perspective. 

ShopTheFloor was at the event to help fashion brands expand their retailer reach and selling efficiency via the ShopTheFloor marketplace and iOS order-taking app, while retail buyers discover new products, plan and buy online, wherever and whenever they want.

Below are the pictures being taken of some of the merchandise to be used on ShopTheFloor.



Keep an eye out for the first installment of the Turkois. | Canvas Series - in which we create videos about a particular fine artists process. And get in touch if you have a candidate (or are one)! Session 1 - Jose A. Gonzalez of YONY - follow him here