Starbuck's Mobile App: Mobile Ordering, Anywhere, Anytime

Starbucks Coffee, there is one on what feels like every corner of the city or at any "hotspot" in suburbia. The company has recognized that their target clientele are "young and hip" which equates to tech obsessed. In an effort to give the customer what they want Starbucks is in the process of rolling out mobile ordering. They are in the process of doing testing right now, checking the rates in which the temperature of coffee changes so it can be the optimal temperature when it gets picked up.

Starbucks is looking to get the whole experience down pat, Chief Digital Office Adam Brotman told Recode, that this isn't an experiment and they plan to launch this technology nationwide. South Korean customers were the first able to pre-order their drinks, but with a similar service being released last month, Starbucks is looking to make their original app important to the experience. Already the app is linked to a members rewards card and can be used to pay if you put money on it (either gift card or transfer cash).  Starbucks has been also talking to other retailers about making it possible to use credits on the app to pay for other products. Brotman notes that is seems a little strange to try and branch mobile payments outside of its own store but it is meant to increase popularity of the app which would then boost brand awareness. 

So keep an eye out for mobile ordering coming to you. Later this some test customers will be able to do some major testing in an undisclosed area. Within the next year or so, you can order your coffee when you are in a rush in the morning, after work or for your lunch break. Even if Starbucks isn't your personal favorite coffee experience, they are making some techie headway in our hustle and bustle filled lifestyle. 

Make Rad Glitch Art with Audacity

Taking any old picture and seeing it represented as sound waves is cool in the first place but University student Jamie Boulton has put together some documentation on the crazy effects that you can get with manipulating image as sound along with instructions on how to make your own! You can download Audacity which is a free sound editing software and get crackin' on your own psychedelic effects. 

Boulton shares all his cool methods for creating the glitch-tastic art and even his "eye-melting GIFs". He calls his craft "data bending" which he explains on his site. I'll leave you with an example or two and left you explore the rest!

Art Installation : Light Barrier

Light Barrier, created by Seoul based artists Kimchi and Chips could be the future of laser light shows. The artists created three dimensional floating objects using lights, smoke and mirrors. Light Barrier debuted at the New Media Night in Russia's Nikola-Lenviets Art Park in June. 

The show uses millions of light beams that are reflected against curved mirrors which causes the light beams to intersect with one another-this creates a brighter points of light for the viewer to focus on, all within a smokey atmosphere. A funky, interesting installation that could take laser art and shows to a different level.

Comic Neue: A Comic Sans Makeover

Comic Sans, one of the most disliked fonts out there. It has been bashed by Typographers and Graphic Designers alike which has led to the redesign of the taboo font. It was created by Craig Rozynski, an Australian digital designer based in Japan. Comic Neue comes in two variations, Comic Neue and Comic Neue Angular--you can download it here.

According to Comic Neue has gotten rid of the "wonky and weird glyphs" of Comic Sans while maintaining the essence of the original font. To sum up the response the new typeface has received best would be, "It's causal. Its free. And nobody will reflexively make fun of you for using it".  

So, what do you think of the new Comic Sans? Any better or should it still be banned from the design world?  


Google Maps: Popculture and Geography

We all studied it in grade school and never want to admit how little we actually remember. I mean, we all know generally where everything is and maybe a few pieces of trivia about a handful of places and let's be honest if we really needed to know we could always google it. Google Maps recognizes our need for a fun way to brush up on our geography and trivia skills with a straight forward game called Smarty Pins. Google asks you a random trivia question about a specific city or country, and you drop a pin on the right spot.

There are six different categories of trivia, you can choose which category you want to focus on or get a sampling of each. At the beginning of the game you start with 1,000 miles, aka points, and if you are quick at maneuvering the map and dropping your pin you can get some extra miles. If you guess wrong, Google will calculate how many miles off your answer is from the correct one. While there have been many games out there to help us learn geography, Google has created a fun time waster thats educational. So go on and test your skills, see how you do!

Technology and Art: How Technology has Impacted Art

Technology and art, two things we know go together, are making their mark in history. As an accepted historical notion that "technology is changing art" new exhibitions showcasing contemporary artists of all kinds are making their way to the forefront. London's Barbican Centre is hosting a new major exhibition Digital Revolution that delves into the impact of technology on art over the last few decades.

The exhibition opens today and runs until September 14th, there will also be "one-off" events such as the premier performance of a new audio-visual collaboration between The Velvet Underground's John Cale, architect Liam Young, and an orchestra made up of drones. 

This exhibition looks at the progression of tech and art and how they have grown together to bring to where we are today. There are a multitude of media forms being showcased from video to interactive art. A pretty amazing exhibition that has me hoping for something similar to find its way to my neck of the woods. 

Discover the rise of digital creativity across the arts in this immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames. 3 July - 14 Sept, Barbican Centre, London. Music by Maribel Tafur

Hey Joe Coffee Mug

So, you're late to work and don't have time to make a pot of coffee? Grab your
mug and brew it in the car!

What happens if you get to the office and the coffee is burned? Grab
your Hey Joe Coffee mug and brew a cup of your own!

Do you ever get tired in the middle of class and wish you had a way to make coffee while listening to a lecture? Well, now you can!

The Hey Joe coffee mug is a travel sized coffee mug that acts just like any other coffee mug, except it can brew coffee inside of your thermos and regulate the temperature automatically...which means not only can you ensure your coffee is immediately ready to drink as soon as it's done brewing, but that you can brew your coffee in pretty much any situation, anywhere, anytime. Plus, it's easy to clean and you can use your own coffee.

Pre-Made Playlists: Curating beats as an industry

Spotify's Browse feature is the company's latest venture in curating the incredibly large number of playlists that are created on the app. Instead of having to look for your own beats to listen to, you can use the browse feature to search for a playlist based on theme, mood or even what kind of workout you are doing. This is similar to Songza which gives you a couple playlist options based on time of day and activity but with more of a Pandora feel. Recently Songza was bought by Google for millions of dollars in efforts to compete with Apple's acquisition of Beats by Dre. 


Playlist curation  can lead to billion-dollar acquisitions-see The Verge's article on how much Apple paid for Beats and million-dollar acquisitions as noted above. Remember iTunes Genius? Is that considered too old school to join the pre-made playlist party? Personally curating playlists has been a great help for me to find new music as an avid user of both Spotify and Songza I don't have to spend hours scouring the web for new music when I can just press play in the morning as I get ready, commute to work or dance around my kitchen as I cook dinner. These kinds of applications make it easy to integrate music throughout our day to day and who doesn't love some good tunes as a daily soundtrack? 


Ikea Creates Website within Instagram

Ikea has come up with an interesting marketing campaign that lives inside Instagram. In order to promote Ikea's PS 2014 Collection, their Russian division hired ad agency Instinct to build a marketing campaign within Instagram. When you click on the account name ikea_ps_2014 on your smartphone (on your browser the page won't be formatted correctly) you come to a "catalog" to search through. The different tags bring you to separate pages with more information on the products. This in app marketing idea is a little funky but definitely caught my attention. 

Kaltura Connect

Earlier this week the Turkois team attended Kaltura Connect : The Video Experience Conference. At the conference anyone from developers, techies, creatives and more gathered together to discuss video experiences and shaping web video for the future. The full three day conference had workshops, keynotes and discussion panels all focused on new technologies for web video. 

A Day Made of Glass

Corning Inc. is an American manufacturer of glass, ceramics, and other materials for industrial and scientific applications. They are one of the leading innovators in materials science. They have applied their expertise to produce products that change peoples lives.

 Interactive glass surfaces, seamless delivery of real-time information, and technologies that enrich your life – that’s Corning’s vision for the future. And it is a world enabled by glass. Explore how highly-engineered glass delivers extraordinary benefits to everyday products.


Despite being sold at Target and being an indentured brand of Nike - Converse continue to do some things correct - one of them being their current 3Artists-1Song campaign. Their most recent submission - Frank Ocean + Mick Jones + Paul Simonon + Diplo - "HERO" - is a solid track (all in the campaign are free to download via Converse's SoundCloud station).

Green is on the Scene!

Green is on the Scene!

Check out our newest eComm site project launched today! The great folks at GreenPan are now selling direct to the US. Make sure to check them out - their healthy ceramic pans and products will serve you right and have you making some marvelous meals in no time!



Keep an eye out for the first installment of the Turkois. | Canvas Series - in which we create videos about a particular fine artists process. And get in touch if you have a candidate (or are one)! Session 1 - Jose A. Gonzalez of YONY - follow him here