Our strategy for [yellow tail] for their "FUNdamentals" campaign was to take the brand away from the ‘slowness’ of wine – we wanted to show that [yellow tail] is a brand in motion through an optimistic upbeat feel.

paint the [town]

[energy] Our characters have a place to be – we want to give the sense that our characters have plans, are cool and confident – they are engaged, and in that commitment – choose a wine to characterize them with potent conviction.

[color centric] By focusing our concept visuals on the [yellow tail] color palette (one of the strengths of the brand) we sought to show a range of characters – all with a range of destinations. Color in our presentation is a direct reflection of the character – a mood ring of their personality.

Concept advantages:

  • Strong yet simple, nimble and scalable story lines + characters.
  • Tight and budget aware production with strong visuals.
  • Countless color interpretations for other brand styles.
  • Ease of adaptability for alternate adverts - web, print, social etc.

[action based] We focused on the act of getting to an environment rather than the environment itself – the preface of an evening with a person drawn to the magnetism of a social setting – the individuals are setting the tone for their evening – they are saying ‘I’m going to have a good night’ – [yellow tail] represents that choice. Wine is the one alcoholic beverage that can also serve as a satisfying accessory while en route – as opposed to beer or liquor – a bottle [yellowtail] is a badge of implicated social complexity – these people ‘have a life.’ We sought to further reflect action, progression and movement with our original music – focused on an energetic and younger consumer demographic.

[viability] To us viability for [yellowtail] means being present in the mind of your brand advocates – it is about showing people how good they feel when they choose the brand – rather than the fact that they ‘really-really should.’