We work with our clients to share, build, contribute and grow their business attributes and personality - designing a custom offering to directly grow your image while raising your bottom line. We build long-term partnerships with our clients and have a personal interest in their success.



Turkois is an independent creative studio - we are the full package to brands and businesses across the industry spectrum. We are a distilled group of NY- based creatives who are bred to build custom cross media projects to the highest expectations. There is no looking back - we deliver it all - Turkois is where you find optimal results.

Providing web, photography, film, audio, print, promotional, database growth, copy-writing, event marketing, social marketing, graphic design, app development, brand and identity design.


We are small by design, enabling us to focus on a select group of clients. Our services and expertise address a full spectrum of communications, marketing and advertising needs.

We are neither generalists nor specialists - we are a group of creative professionals who eat, sleep and breathe ways to apply our services to your brand. We are great ideas and unrelenting work ethic. 

We put established brands back on top and help emerging businesses blossom above their competition.


Our leadership are the creatives that will execute your brand project from start to finish - flawlessly; our tight size and heavy creativity allow us to deliver beautiful work quickly without the go between and bureaucracy of a major corporate agency.

We are the architects of the new digital world - from concept to completion you are working with the people who are hands on with the precious image of your brand. There is no hand-off, only quality.

Cast of Characters

Turkois is based on people and relationships first. We are a group of potent talents from diverse perspectives and backgrounds that all have a common love of problem solving through creation. Everyone on our team has the breadth and depth of talent to turn a creatively driven idea into a business success. We thrive in an ego-free culture of collaboration and take real pride in the relentless enthusiasm we bring to creating lasting bonds between brands and people. We aren’t waiting for the next big idea to happen, we’re engaged in actually making it happen. And we have a great time doing it.