Bo Valentine-'In the City' the video.

Turkois took it to the streets with the beats this past week with aspiring rap/hip hop/electronica artist Bo Valentine, the headliner of Cogent Records, helping bring together the first music video coming out of the man. Turkois has also designed Bo's identity, webpage and aestetic for his much anticipated first album- coming to iTunes as soon as Cogent recording dots those i's- so check out the sick nasty graphics the man and his media sports upon release. Below are some shots of the process and a bit of editorial detialing the project. microphone shot

We essentially were brought in for concept, site scouting, waredrobe and artistic input and I have to say the final product looks pretty dope considering it has not even been touched the editing screans yet. Brian from ExperienceProductions in the down dirty Mount Vernon worked the hefty Sony EX1 on this one as the cinematographer- this dude played the pro to a tee. The B-man will also be called in on the editing side as well.  We achieved an amazing could-not-have-asked-for-better product with a theme toward neo-classic-40's styled back drop- please note the all too hard to come by Shure mic. The song, 'In the City,' is on the ambient side for Bo- a usually bouncy-beat maker. Cogent chose the track because of it's more tale-telling features- giving us a chance to put together a video that could really catch some art instead of just shinny cars-glass, ass and brass. Also in the cast of generously talented characters were Seth and Sean from Big Sister and Stained Glass Apostles who did their work as extras and Lauren from the same groups who had sung backup on the track. The female focus of the video was played by the gracious, professional and lovely Cathy Retrepo- a good person and good friend to Turkois. That's Cat below.

Please take the final as a glimpse of the video work coming out of Turkois in the future- we'll be posting it here in a month or so via Vimeo. We have our hands in some pies my friends- so stay tuned to get a taste. I've posted a couple of the shots from the shoot- locations included the 42 bar in the Ritz Caralton in White Plains, Conget Studios, Roy Arias Theatres in Times Square, and of course the streets of White Plains at 5 in the a.m. in March- coffees in hand of course. This is the first post and we will be updating daily with fun that we find and provide- dig in to dig it.