We are an independent studio- owned by creatives and operated by creatives. We provide the gamut of digital creative services from web and video to graphic and app development. We are the full package to brands and businesses across the industry spectrum - a distilled group of professionals who are bred to build custom cross media projects to the highest expectations.




Our unique talent mix allows us to offer the kind of inspired concepts and quick turnaround that large agencies can only dream of - the prime-time quality spot is no longer out of reach because of price and access. Our services cover the gamut - from script writing and storyboard concepting to music scoring, filming, editing, motion graphics, 3d animation and final delivery - we take you to the next level.

Videos aren’t just for promotion and broadcast - videos are increasingly the primary component of evaluationmetrics used by Google, Hulu, Safari and other search engines - putting a client’s website ahead of all others in their category today means measuring the video content as well.


Videos typically used as digital brand-forward heros on TV, web and other client touch points.


Videos are typically used as engaging in-house training pieces or as technology or concept introduction points.


Videos typically used as broader brand immersion points to introduce clients or customers to the brand, products or concepts.

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    • Subject interview (multiple angles), pertinent b-roll, basic graphics (name, title, logo, etc.).

    • Delivery of full HD finalized spot, basic storyboarding (can be re-purposed and/or improved upon for promotional use).
    • Original audio, voice-over audio (where needed), basic info & motion graphics (where needed).

    • Delivery of full HD finalized spot as well as all raw footage.
    • Original concept/storyboard, original audio, voiceover audio (where needed), basic info & motion graphics (where needed), location scouting.

    • Delivery of full HD finalized spot as well as all raw footage and all created assets and files.
    • Original concept/storyboard, original audio, voiceover audio (where needed), complex info & motion and 3D graphics (where needed), location scouting.

* Broad estimate range based onlength and purposing of spot.


Development model

Our web development approach builds sites that are engaging, unique, and responsive. Today, websites which don’t engage visitors within seconds quickly lose traffic to competitors. We build websites that are highly functional, heavily optimized and stylishly responsive- all focused on fostering success for your business. Each industry requires a different style of web design; we thoroughly research your brand and your industry in order to build a website that resonates with your customers and clients.
During your project, a team of web development professionals is responsible for building your site. These developers are assisted by professional copywriters, brand managers, graphic designers, and other team members to ensure your business is presenting a cohesive image to customers online.

At Turkois we are focused on unique, stylish and usable experiences across a multitude of verticals, mediums and devices. We work with early stage start-ups, to the Fortune 100, and everyone in between. We don't want you to work for your website - we want your website to work for you. All our sites are completely customizable and are able to be built into mobile versions - for users on the run. The web is meant to be lived in – it is our attention to the industry that is the foundation of our web design service offerings.


In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement. The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link.
Landing pages are often linked to from social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales leads. By analyzing activity generated by the linked URL, marketers can use click-through rates and Conversion rate to determine the success of an advertisement.



Our email marketing services can help you to properly and directly market your message to your optimal audience demographic. Email can be used by businesses large and small to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations and if done properly it will achieve all those goals - but the true value of a program like this is to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness. As email marketers, one of the biggest challenges we face is harnessing our audience’s interests in a way that entices them to act. Structure, design and content all contribute to the same goal and are essential elements within your email and they are most powerful when used a distinct, simple clear campaign – your call to action. We will help you grow your contacts the right way and re-enliven cold lists or build on top of your current customer database.



At Turkois we can build your idea into the iPhone + iPad apps you dream of - whether it's a brand new concept or an in-industry business aid - from design to development and launch - everything we work on is as unique as our customers. Touch devices are everywhere, but while they are becoming commonplace, understanding how best to utilize these devices is not - we understand how to map design and structure to best serve the end user and how to get the best from them.



If you don't already have a list of contacts to start marketing to, now is the time to start building one, and we can help. By building elements into your digital and web presence that focus on engagement you can make your business not only a service to it's clients but a valued and consistent connection.

Your email marketing database degrades by about 25 percent every year. Your contacts' email addresses change as they move from one company to another, they opt-out of your email communication, or they abandon that old AOL address they only use to fill out forms on websites.

In order to keep your marketing dollars working for you - it is essential to make sure you're constantly adding fresh contacts to your email marketing campaigns so you can keep your numbers moving up and to the right.


The evolution of Social Media has brought cost effective strategies to reach targeted audiences to the fingertips of business owners of operators of all sizes. The key to social media marketing is to identify your target audience and extend your brand to that demographic by carrying through the image you have worked so hard to create in brick and mortar. Turkois can help you to capture the social media audience you should have by using relevant and timely content designed to generate followers and loyalty and to establish your company as a leading voice of the industry. 



Our custom Facebook Page solutions enable your existing professional site content to have a new functional life within the biggest Social Media platform on the market – Facebook - giving instant credibility to your business worldwide. Through our system we will customize your content, branding and graphics, links, videos, e-commerce, and contact forms to exist within your Facebook platform. Our solution essentially removes the step between a possible customer or client spending time on your Facebook page and your site – we make them one and the same.




Turkois not only builds the website of your dreams - we can help you to continue to grow and leverage your new web-based asset to keep your message relevant, your look cutting edge and grow your worth through online marketing, social growth and aesthetic rejuvenations. We will talk with you about what you would like to see out of your website and how you see your specific demographics using your site to do business and stay connected.


Talk to us about our custom Turkois eCommerce design and solutions. Electronic commerce draws on such technologies as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. We can build and align all these to best serve your needs and goals.



Below is an outline of month-to-month website maintenance packages offered by Turkois Design to its clients. All maintenance packages include phone and email support M-F 9:00AM – 6:00PM EST.

Featured Identities

Our Approach

Turkois takes a unique look at each budding brand and mark in need of renewal. We look to find the a glyph and establishing brand element that truly touches on what a business provides and represents the character of that business to the world.

“Solving any problem is more important than being right.”

- Milton Glaser



We have years of experience designing magazine layouts, print ads and brochures and have  a keen eye for making the most of any print campaign. At Turkois we know what information to include, how to lay it out, what images to utilize, which colors will complement each other without clashing, and how to make everything come together in a way that entices your audience. Turkois can help you design your next magazine ad, update your brochure, or launch an entire print campaign. Just having a strong website isn’t enough. Staples of business-like professional letterhead and high-quality business cards are just as important as they ever were in making the right impression on your customers, vendors, and competitors. Make sure your company is prepared to represent itself effectively both on the web and in person with our print design services.  To speak with us about your print project, contact us today.


Ensuring your business' brand elements stretch across your business function is necessary for developing a sound and reliable business personality - these materials directly reflect on the trust and loyalty your customers associate with your company. In building a brand you dress-to-impress - and printed business collateral are the cufflinks, tie and watch that can make or break your look. It's time to accessorize and set the tone for your business with high-quality business cards, custom rubber stamps, letterhead, promotional + stationery supplies - that all correlate with your digital presence.


Turkois is well versed in print ad design services and have helped hundreds of small businesses and corporations just like yours to succeed with a custom print advertisement design.  With superb  customer support and campaign management from our dedicated experts, print ad design services has never been so easy. We pair our photographic, illustrative and graphic design service to deliver you a creative design style is 100 percent unique and genuine. Our print ads succeed by delivering you results.



Branded mailings are an opportunity to introduce people to your event brand before they even actually attend. Invitations can be used to intrigue people and get them excited about your event. Including a logo and design that complement your branding strategy gives recipients a taste of what they can expect. Invitations can be professionally designed at a fairly low cost. Even in the most extensive cross-media branding campaign the personal touch of a finely printed material makes for intimate, down-to-earth event branding.



Print management encompasses more then dealing with the printer. It involves sourcing the project to the best supplier for producing a particular kind of printed piece including writing proper specification, selecting the paper in conjunction with the creative director, quality control and final cost management to ensure that there are not any hidden costs and that the invoice matches the purchased order and that all extra costs (if any) are chargeable.




(914) 288-5850

Our small, intimate, boutique audio post production studios are located in Manhattan and Westchester, NY.  We offer original audio solutions, work with multiple licensing companies to provide an extensive music library, and have access to the best-in-class studio musicians, producers, editors and voice over actors. Whether your project is stereo or surround, SFX or music editing, long format or promo, we’re here to help.



  • AKG, Neumann, Rode + Shure microphones
  • API, DBX, Joe Meek, MOTU, Neve, OSA preamps + compressors
  • Antares, Universal Audio, and Waves Plug-ins
  • Native Instruments + Spectrasonics Virtual Instruments
  • Ampeg, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, + Orange amps/cabinets
  • Ernie Ball, Gibson & Taylor guitars + basses


  •     Full Mixing
  •     Audio Recording
  •     Audio Editing
  •     Music Production
  •     Voice Over Production
  •     Songwriting + Editing
  •     Soundtracking + Creation
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Turkois enjoys partner-based access to the highly talented voice over artist libraries of Manhattan-based Access Talent Agency with its reputation as one of the nation’s most respected and diversified talent and literary agencies.
Our access to this best-in-class talent library allows us to utilize some of the most talented voice over actors in many different demographics who represent clients in most areas of the entertainment industry including motion pictures, television, animation, theater, radio and television commercials, hosting and broadcasting, and all forms of narration.



We take our clients from boardroom concepts through delivery and implementation - all with the goal of building apps that are pristine in form and function. Our Strategy + Planning team works alongside our world-class branding and digital design experts. We create beautiful and engaging design paired with superbly intuitive UI/UX; all within best-in-class expert-level development standards.

From single ideas to fully fleshed-out concepts, our team boosts even the greatest ideas to the next conceptual level. We analyze each concept,  challenging assumptions and overhaul business plans in order to achieve the prime product and launch into the app market. We turn ideas into products by working hand-in-hand with our clients.

Turkois develops each app with a devoted feature-set, as well as a written description of how your app is going to work. This planned approach is  what our designers use to come up with designs and our developers use as a guideline for coding and development. It is the foundation for all the steps to launch. From there we develop style and interface maps in order to understand the look and logic behind each app. Then our development and design teams work together on front and back-ends until we are ready for Beta-testing . After multi-round vetting we iron out any issues in order to ensure an ideal user-focused application for launch, whether it is internationally or on a specific demographic set.