Starbuck's Mobile App: Mobile Ordering, Anywhere, Anytime

Starbucks Coffee, there is one on what feels like every corner of the city or at any "hotspot" in suburbia. The company has recognized that their target clientele are "young and hip" which equates to tech obsessed. In an effort to give the customer what they want Starbucks is in the process of rolling out mobile ordering. They are in the process of doing testing right now, checking the rates in which the temperature of coffee changes so it can be the optimal temperature when it gets picked up.

Starbucks is looking to get the whole experience down pat, Chief Digital Office Adam Brotman told Recode, that this isn't an experiment and they plan to launch this technology nationwide. South Korean customers were the first able to pre-order their drinks, but with a similar service being released last month, Starbucks is looking to make their original app important to the experience. Already the app is linked to a members rewards card and can be used to pay if you put money on it (either gift card or transfer cash).  Starbucks has been also talking to other retailers about making it possible to use credits on the app to pay for other products. Brotman notes that is seems a little strange to try and branch mobile payments outside of its own store but it is meant to increase popularity of the app which would then boost brand awareness. 

So keep an eye out for mobile ordering coming to you. Later this some test customers will be able to do some major testing in an undisclosed area. Within the next year or so, you can order your coffee when you are in a rush in the morning, after work or for your lunch break. Even if Starbucks isn't your personal favorite coffee experience, they are making some techie headway in our hustle and bustle filled lifestyle. 

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