Pre-Made Playlists: Curating beats as an industry

Spotify's Browse feature is the company's latest venture in curating the incredibly large number of playlists that are created on the app. Instead of having to look for your own beats to listen to, you can use the browse feature to search for a playlist based on theme, mood or even what kind of workout you are doing. This is similar to Songza which gives you a couple playlist options based on time of day and activity but with more of a Pandora feel. Recently Songza was bought by Google for millions of dollars in efforts to compete with Apple's acquisition of Beats by Dre. 


Playlist curation  can lead to billion-dollar acquisitions-see The Verge's article on how much Apple paid for Beats and million-dollar acquisitions as noted above. Remember iTunes Genius? Is that considered too old school to join the pre-made playlist party? Personally curating playlists has been a great help for me to find new music as an avid user of both Spotify and Songza I don't have to spend hours scouring the web for new music when I can just press play in the morning as I get ready, commute to work or dance around my kitchen as I cook dinner. These kinds of applications make it easy to integrate music throughout our day to day and who doesn't love some good tunes as a daily soundtrack?