Technology and Art: How Technology has Impacted Art

Technology and art, two things we know go together, are making their mark in history. As an accepted historical notion that "technology is changing art" new exhibitions showcasing contemporary artists of all kinds are making their way to the forefront. London's Barbican Centre is hosting a new major exhibition Digital Revolution that delves into the impact of technology on art over the last few decades.

The exhibition opens today and runs until September 14th, there will also be "one-off" events such as the premier performance of a new audio-visual collaboration between The Velvet Underground's John Cale, architect Liam Young, and an orchestra made up of drones. 

This exhibition looks at the progression of tech and art and how they have grown together to bring to where we are today. There are a multitude of media forms being showcased from video to interactive art. A pretty amazing exhibition that has me hoping for something similar to find its way to my neck of the woods. 

Discover the rise of digital creativity across the arts in this immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and videogames. 3 July - 14 Sept, Barbican Centre, London. Music by Maribel Tafur